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Gulf Coast Entertainment, L.L.C.

Gulf Coast Entertainment, L.L.C. (GCE) plans for a 2,800-acre project to be an outstanding entertainment and commercial destination that will attract million of visitors each year to the Mobile metropolitan area. The expected results are significant long-term revenue for local municipalities and the creation of a nationally-renowned, family-oriented project featuring destination-based retail.

The exciting anchors for the project are three motorsports facilities – an oval track, a road course and a karting track – which should establish the area as a leading provider of major sports events.

Plans also include luxury RV sites, exciting shopping, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment components – all designed to work together to provide visitors and area residents truly memorable experiences.

GCE is particularly proud of its all-star development partners, nationally-renowned firms with displayed expertise eager to combine their talents to produce a uniquely southern property that will achieve national prominence.

GCE has achieved significant milestones, including the assemblage of this wonderfully located property and procurement of its permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Now, it looks to expand its relationships to enable completion of the project that enables it to reach its exceptional potential.